Against Inequality with Tom Malleson

Join us on Tuesday February 13 at 5:30pm on zoom to hear Tom Malleson discuss Against Inequality.

There is far too much inequality in our societies today. A world with billionaires alongside severe deprivation is a world without justice. Against Inequality draws on extensive historical and comparative evidence to show that raising taxes on income and wealth is not only practically feasible, but the costs of doing so would be far outweighed by the enormous benefits that such taxes could bring. The book also investigates the ethics of inequality and argues that rich people do not morally deserve their wealth. We can and we should abolish the billionaires.

Watch the talk here:

  • Meeting ID: 974 1662 2727
  • Passcode: 3.qMuy

Presented by Studies in National and International Development at Queen’s, The Providence Centre for JPIC and Just Recovery Kingston. For more information, please contact sayyida.jaffer (at) chco (dot) ca

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